Contemporary Artist


I consider myself to be an east coast contemporary realist painter. Trained originally in Graphic Design, with a BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University, I worked as an illustrator and graphic designer until 2006 when I started to work full time as an artist. I regularly display work in juried shows regionally and nationally, and over the years have won numerous awards of distinction. Many of my works hang in private collections throughout the country. Select this link to see a select listing of shows. I currently work and live in Richmond, Virginia.


Deceptively simple compositions–the abstract play of light against care-worn materials, the breathless poise of stillness and solitude, the gritty violence of shattered surfaces–are, for me, a platform for comment on the nature of time, reality, and human nature. Here, in these works, you will find the depictions of common rooms, surfaces and walls which play out, in oil paint, my singular sensitivity to notions of impermanence, of life and death, birth and renewal, order and chaos, sometimes conflicting, sometimes appearing simultaneously, as in life. Mortality, violence, even an  undercurrent of cruelty often pervades the work, an undeniable conflict of natural forces and brutish human nature against all attempts at refinement, perfection, and order. And yet truth prevails. Order is not denied. Out of infinite darkness there always comes the light.